The Treatment of intrabony defect using silk fibroin as GTR and xenograft – a case report Silk Fibroin as GTR in Intrabony Defect Section Case Report


Dr Archana R Sankar Sankar
Dr Sheela Kumar Gujjari


Background :

The most common  challenge faced by the clinicians is the management of periodontal disease. Although various treatment strategies have been tried, the use of bone grafts along with a barrier membrane has  been the gold standard in intrabony defects.  In vivo animal studies and a few in vitro studies  have revealed the importance  of silk fibroin in bone tissue engineering and has also  shown its potential  as a scaffold for periodontal ligament cells. The main objective of the case report  was to assess the clinical and radiological outcomes of silk fibroin  membrane with  a xenograft in the treatment of intrabony  defects.

A male patient reported to the department of Periodontology with the complaint of food lodgement in the lower right back tooth region. Examination revealed a pocket of 5mm. Phase I therapy was followed by open flap debridement. An intrabony defect along with grade II furcation was detected. This was followed by the use of xenograft and silk fibroin membrane. Improvements were noted clinically and bone fill was assessed radiographically and further analysed using AUTOCAD 2017 software at the end of 12 months.


The case report has  proved the efficacy of silk fibroin with xenograft  in treating grade II furcation defects . These results have encouraged the use of silk fibroin in tissue engineering in the field of Periodontology.



Author Biography

Dr Sheela Kumar Gujjari, Professor and Head, department of Periodontology, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru, Karnataka

Department of periodontology, Professor and Head

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D. A. R. S. Sankar and D. S. K. . Gujjari, “The Treatment of intrabony defect using silk fibroin as GTR and xenograft – a case report: Silk Fibroin as GTR in Intrabony Defect”, Ind J Clin Res Dent, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 5-9, Jun. 2020.