A Paradigm of esthetic post and core in primary dentition


Dr. Nishtha Sharma Sharma
Dr. Puneet Goyal
Dr. Virinder Goyal
Dr. Shaveta
Dr. Shaveta Bansal
Dr. Nitin Garg


Background - Early childhood caries or trauma to anterior primary teeth leads to improper functioning, speech difficulties and poor esthetics. A complete treatment of primary anteriors requires pulpectomy and restoration. To conserve functional and esthetic harmony such patients require post and core systems. This article describes about different posts which can be used in primary dentition which helps in coronal restoration by providing adequate retention.

Types of studies reviewed – This review article includes a literature search of different articles from various journals about early childhood caries, post and core system, primary teeth restoration. Search includes the case reports, literature reviews, systemic review which used post and core management of primary anterior teeth.  In the search, there were no filters activated and no language restrictions. Included references assessed the use of post and cores used in pediatric dentistry (12 in vivo, 6 reviews, 3 in vitro studies), and the articles were reviewed by two reviewers (both part of the authorship team).

Results – Management of early childhood caries and trauma in primary anterior teeth in which crown structure had been lost can be restored by different post and core to conserve functional, biological and esthetic harmony of teeth.

Practical Implications – Preformed posts and customized posts, both can be used in restoring the crown structure of primary anteriors for preservation of esthetics and function. Glass fibre, ribbond posts and glass fibre reinforced posts add more esthetic value than metal posts.

Key words – post and core, esthetics, pulpectomy, restoration


DOI: 10.53274/IJCRD.2023.4201
Published: 2023-12-22
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D. N. S. Sharma, Dr. Puneet Goyal, Dr. Virinder Goyal, Dr. Shaveta, Dr. Shaveta Bansal, and Dr. Nitin Garg, “A Paradigm of esthetic post and core in primary dentition”, Ind J Clin Res Dent, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 16-23, Dec. 2023.


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